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Digital table restaurant menu

Digital Tablet Menu For Restaurants

Now restaurant guests can quickly browse the menu and view restaurant offers and promotions by scanning the QR menu on the dining table with their mobile phone camera. Or, you can give restaurant waiters a light tab for serving your guests.

This method saves time on writing orders and seeing beautiful photos of the food will ensure your sales increase and will definitely motivate you to order more!

Unlock next-level amazing features!

Simplify your restaurant management effortlessly with 'OrderNow' Digital Menu. Experience the ease of streamlined operations and unlock new possibilities. OrderNow - where simplicity transforms management for you."

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Tablet Menu
Instantly accessible at their fingertips, it transforms ordering into a breeze. Elevate efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance guest satisfaction. Embrace the future of dining effortlessly.
Online Orders
Maximize revenue with swift Online Orders. Streamline the process, boost sales, and provide customers with a seamless, convenient dining experience.
Waiting Time
Minimize guest wait times with our efficient system. Streamline operations, reduce delays, and ensure a prompt and enjoyable dining experience. Elevate customer satisfaction effortlessly.
Collect valuable feedback effortlessly. Invite customers to share insights for continuous improvement. Elevate satisfaction and refine service across dine-in, takeout, and delivery experiences. Your input shapes our excellence
SMS Notifications
Stay connected with your favorite customers using SMS notifications. Keep them in the loop with exclusive updates, promotions, and personalized messages. Elevate engagement effortlessly and make every connection count.
Upload Menu
Send us your restaurant details, and we'll make a special digital menu just for you. It's that simple! Let's take your menu online together.
Subscribe Button
Collect details from visitors about how he likes to subscribe your restaurant. special offers, events etc. data will be collected in table orders and online delivery*
Customize Menu
Tailor your menu to perfection. Customize it to suit your unique style and offerings. We make it easy to showcase your culinary identity.
Menu Analytics
Unlock insights with Menu Analytics. Gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and performance trends. Optimize your offerings for greater success and customer satisfaction
Seamless connections made easy. Explore integrations to enhance your system's capabilities. Effortlessly sync and streamline operations for a more efficient and connected experience.
Boost your business with powerful marketing tools. Reach more customers, promote specials, and build brand awareness effortlessly. Elevate your marketing strategy and drive success with our intuitive solutions
QR Design Tool
Craft custom QR codes effortlessly with our intuitive QR Design Tool. Personalize and enhance your branding, making it easy for customers to connect with your offerings. Elevate your QR experience today.
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How to create a Digital Menu?

Enable Ordering With Our Subscription Plans

Reduce Table Waiting Time In Busy Days

Streamline dining experience and reduce waiting times during peak hours at your restaurant. Our commitment to efficiency ensures you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your favorite meals.

Express Access to Menus
Give your restaurant priority access to our digital QR menu, allowing guests to order at their own pace as soon as they are seated. No more waiting for a physical menu, giving your dining experience a head start.
Fast-Track Ordering
Make your visitors comfortable with our tracking features and enjoy fast service with our subscription plans. Waiters can deliver the order and guests can track it on their smartphones, reducing wait times during peak hours.
Effortless Table Seating
Our subscription plans streamline the dining process, guaranteeing visitors swift access to your table, so they can savor your meal without delay. No more standing in queues; enjoy your meal hassle-free.

Guest Feedback To Improve Service

let visitors voice shape the future of restaurant dining experience.

Where your experience matters most! We’ve introduced a feedback option, inviting you to share your thoughts and help shape the future of the guest dining experience. Your valuable insights contribute to the restaurant’s commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that every visit is better than the last. Enjoy a personalized dining experience tailored to your preferences, quick troubleshooting for hassle-free visits and special thanks through exclusive promotions.

Order Anywhere, Anytime

Take Orders From Anyware! Boosts Restaurant Reach!

Revolutionize restaurant with QR: Instantly order from anywhere, anytime, and with OrderNow's integrated delivery system, provide location and details for a hassle-free restaurant experience!

Elevates Restaurant Sales!
QR streamlines the ordering process, enhances customer engagement, and drives more sales by providing a convenient and seamless experience for patrons, ultimately boosting revenue for your business.
No Commissions
We believe in fair partnerships. Enjoy a fee-free experience as we don't charge any extra money from restaurant orders. Your success is our priority!
A wide range of marketing strategies
Create more QR and links, monitor orders directly from restaurant dashboard.
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How To Register With Ordernow?

Get the most out of your business with effective client management. Make sure you don’t miss a beat!
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Upload Menu

Upload your menu here. Your restaurant account manager will send you and receive login credentials along with the restaurant digital menu

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Self Registration

Our website now offers a hassle-free self-registration feature. Join us effortlessly by completing a simple online form. Register today for a enhanced experience!

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Customer Support

Experience seamless assistance with our Customer Support. Contact us today to register your restaurant effortlessly and join our growing network. Your success is our priority.

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Revolutionize the way you manage reservations with our cutting-edge, hassle-free reservation system!

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All-in-One Restaurant Hub

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Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and missed opportunities.

From restaurant tables to hotel rooms, buffets, conference halls, and wedding venues, our comprehensive system effortlessly caters to all your reservation needs. Maximize your seating capacity, optimize room bookings, and seamlessly coordinate events with our user-friendly interface.

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